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Yearly Archives: 2013

Jeremy and Brittany. Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Say hello to Jeremy and Brittany! When we offered Brittany this shoot at our wedding consultation we knew we were going to get some amazing stuff. So we drove up to the sunshine coast hinterland, fell in love with a few old pine tree’s and skipped through a gorgeous plantation of mandarine’s (or maybe they […]

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Liam and Laura

“Boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy asks girl out, girl says yes” Hi World! Say hello to the amazing Liam and Laura, who have been head over heels for a very long time (emphasis on the very long…). They are high school sweet hearts who fell in love in grade ten and got engaged a […]

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Sam and Sam

On the 28th of September a really tragic thing happened, our Nanna passed away. It just so happened that she left the world the day before her grandson, Sam, got married to one of the most gorgeous girls in the world. Sam is my brother and we have always been a very close family.Our Nanna was very important […]

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